Our journey Sinapore

Bugdet  S$ 285
Duration: 3 days
Distance: 100 km
Travel guide for Singapore

It was midday when we arrived in Singapore trying to find a way to the city by public transport. It was quite hard! We spent at least one hour trying to buy tickets as we were only allowed to use cash at the selling machines. After waiting 15 min in the queue to buy them at the counter we realised we could only pay with mastercard, that was a problem as we only got VISA cards… so back to the machines. But first withdrawing cash at the ATM with ridiculous high fees (thats why we wanted to pay by card in the first place)… but now finally at the ticket machine realising we could only use small notes for small amounts. OK next problem: we got only too big notes though. After changing the money and trying three different machines to buy tickets we made our way to Little India. Here we booked a hostel for one night the cheapest we could find so we share the room with many people. But little India was food heaven for us – we love Indian food!!

We only stayed one night at the hostel and met our new Couchsurfing host the next day. We went out for lunch at his friend newly opened Indan restaurant. YAY! FREE INDIAN FOOD AGAIN 😀

Singapore Travel Guide
Singapore Travel Guide

At our lunch we met a German couple also travelling Asia like us, we decided to visit together the places in Little India, we haven’t been to the day before. We really liked the colourful Hindu temple Sri Veeramakaliamman. Then we split up and walked all the way to China town, it took us nearly 2 hours. But we actually enjoyed walking! The Singaporean don’t like it at all and as we didn’t know where they would bring us, we took the MRT for a 500m walk. Puh waiting for the train took longer as if we just walked. Anyway that day we enjoyed our free-do-it-yourself-walking-tour. After our visit in Chinatown we met our host and the German couple at the Garden of the bay, to watch the light show. It’s a 15 minutes show… it was nice to see but not spectacular more chill if you don’t have anything else to do. Let’s say an experience. Just around the corner one hour later we watched the next show. That time a laser show at Marina Bay. It was better than the first show a bit more action. But Laura was pretty spoiled by the yearly summer event in her hometown. The AUTOSTADT offers spectacular shows during the summer months.

garden by the bay
singapore marian

Afterwards we had our late night dinner at a closing food market next to the bay, there we said goodbye and made our way home to bed. We got to get up early the next morning to catch our flight from Singapore to Borneo.

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