ACRO-YOGA | PHOTO SHOOTING with Craig Ferguson

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Happy hearts and healthy souls captured in pictures

Thanks to Craig Ferguson we could capture some of our daily yoga practice in beautiful pictures. Yoga is so much more than just performing asanas. Yoga is something very personal and means for everyone something else. For me yoga is a feeling and a place of comfort, freedom and security. It calms me down in times of trouble, and it helps me to stay focused. It is like a tool, that helps me being aware of all my senses in my body. It seems like with letting everything go I actually get control about myself. Doing acro-yoga with my partner is a completely new experience for me, as I said before it was all about myself, now we create an incredible connection. I need to trust and feel my partner one hundred percent – we create a balance together. Craig Fergusons pictures are reflecting these feelings so well, that you can literally see it.

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Vrikshasana - Twin Tree Pose
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46 thoughts on “ACRO-YOGA | PHOTO SHOOTING with Craig Ferguson

  1. I am a huge yoga fan – like you say, it balances me, helps me stay focused and completely sets me up for the day. I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. The scenery there is such a great backdrop. Just being around such a beautiful place would clear the mind.

  3. Acro yoga seems so cool (and challenging)! I follow someone on Instagram who posts videos and I am always so shocked at what she and her yoga partners can do!

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