Falling in love with places, falling in love with nature,
falling in love with each other every single day a little bit

Our happy journey

This year we will visit 20 countries in Asia, starting in Indonesia. Our Asian adventure will be a 13 months backpacking trip with only AU$ 10.000 each in our bank account. In one of the countries we will also work. Just with the simple reason to learn more about their culture not only by visiting, but by setting our lives in Asians’ shoes. And living somewhere means working and daily routines, right? You just don’t know how setting up a life in a different country is, before you haven’t experienced it yourself.

We love to meet locals for many reasons.

The main reason is that a country is only as good as its people. Of course we are interested in all the nature, cities and monuments, but after years of travelling their is not much you haven’t seen… another temple, another waterfall, another mountain or jungle. What makes the difference between the places are the people you meet along your way. The way we travel by hitchhiking, public transportation and couchsurfing makes it very easy to meet locals. These are amazing opportunities to learn about country and culture, but also to save money if your on a budget. It’s an exchange of culture instead of service for money. 


is after meeting locals, definitely the most important part on our travels. As Mikkel is a passionate chef and I grew up in an Italian family, food is a major part in our lives. We love food! We will try to experience the food culture in each country with all their delicious dish Always having our budget in mind, but saving rather on transportation and tours than missing out on rich flavours.

We will be flying, sailing, driving or walking in between all countries in Asia and we will like to share all this with you in our journey


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