Travel guide for Singapore

1 Getting around
1.1 Drive
1.2 Public transport
1.3 Walking

2 Accommodation
2.1 Couchsurfing
2.2 Hostel
2.3 Airbnb

3 Tips and traps
3.1 Money saving tips
3.2 Tourist traps
3.3 Suggested daily bugdet
3.4 Our bugdet

4.1 Our top 3
4.2 10 more things to do
4.3 food must-try

It’s one of the cleanest countries in the world. It’s filled with people from all over the world, which makes it to a multicultural place. (they are one of the only countries in the world with self driving shuttles within the airport)

Singapore doller
Visa for EU
30 days free on arriva
When To Go
February - April
Power plug

Getting around


The infrastructure and transportation system in Singapore is highly developed and reliable. There is a choice of different taxi applications, busses and trains and even walking is pretty safe, although there aren’t many Singaporean walking. 




Grab/Uber – these apps are well known around the world now days, and so are they in Singapore, they are use by both private and taxi drivers, so using apps like this will give you a better price than using a taxi tho a taxi might be the one picking you up.

Price – start rate $3 – S$ 0,22 per minute.

Public transport 


there are local busses going within Singapore, they might be late since the traffic can be horrible, but taking a bus is quite relaxing and an easy way to come from a to b

Price – start rate S$0,77 and then S$0,10 per km


using trains/MRT within Singapore is probably the easiest and best way to come around (if using public transport), it’s fast and cheap, they even offer an tourist card up to 3 days which allows you to use the public transportation as much as you want for an good price.

Price – S$ 0.77 – 2,02

Tourist pass – 1 day 10$ 2 days 16$ 3 days 20$


Walking around in Singapore is made really safe, there are good footpaths. If you don’t mind walking between 10-20 km this is definitely the best and cheapest way, you get to see much more than with a fast underground train. You also save the time walking down underground to the trains and then waiting times for them, and don’t forget the price, walking is completely free.
Price – free



Use of Couchsurfing is highly recommended, it is an amazing opportunity to meet local people. The Singaporean community is very active. Finding a host and a place to stay is still not that easy as the demand is also very high. That’s why we recommend  to request quite early. There are both private rooms and shared rooms available.


Price – free


Hostels are probably the cheapest accommodation in Singapore, especially if you are a spontaneous traveller, not planning every stay in advance. The best offers you’ll find in Little India. Keep in mind that Singapore itself is everything but cheap so is the accommodation. Sometimes it’s worth checking places a little bit away from the centre, as public transport is easy.

Price – 17-70 S$


Airbnb in Singapore might be the best option for couples and friends on a budget. The price for two people is usually cheaper than 2 beds in a hostel, but you have to book in advance to secure a good price.

Price – 20-80 S$

Tips and Traps

Money saving tips


It will save you a lot of money if you stick to traditional dishes, such as Wanton Mee, fried carrot cake and Dim Sum. Vegetarian meals are normally cheaper and the serves are bigger. Compare prices, when you get to the restaurants. We also found Indian food very cheap and delicious in Little India at the Tekka Centre.

Tourist pass

If you are on a transit in Singapore for 1,2 or 3 days, there is a tourist pass which makes it easy to get a around. It’s quite cheap compared to what you can end up paying for using public transport anyways.


If you arrive late at night or you leave early in the morning, keep in mind that Singapore has one of the best airports in the world, there is a cinema and other public stuff for you to use, they even offer sleeping places.

Malaysia Bus

If you are travel to Malaysia and think of flying from Singapore, you should know that there is a bus going from the airport to the border and another airport in Malaysia, taking this bus to get to Kuala Lumpur or to fly within Malaysia might save you a lot of money.


By looking up things online before going somewhere, talking to locals or other travellers about where they have been is a good idea since it can help knowing the right price and destination.


Below we list some places, which are huge tourist attractions. They are very popular, but also completely over priced and packed with people. If any of this attractions is on your bucket list we definitely recommend going there, but keep in mind that it might cut a hole in your bank account or travel budget. 

price - S$
Universal Studioes
1/2 a day
Sentosa Island
Good for kids
Skypark observation tower
30 min
Marina bay
great view
garden by the bay (tickets)
30 min
Garden by the bay
Good for kids
Singapore Zoo
1 day
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
lots of animals
F1 Street Experiance
45 min
Central Singapore
Driving a expensive car

Suggested daily bugdet

Singapore is one of the most expensive country’s in Asia, so be carefuller with you money there you can easily end up spending alot



S$. 18



S$ 30



S$ 10

Budget Singapore (3 days)

The following charts showing our actual expenses and our budget while Stopover in Singapore, including flights,, accommodation, food, transport and activities.

Singapore Travel Guide


1. Little India

Location – central Singapore
Price – food 3-10 S$
Time – 1-2 hours
Recommended period – all year

Singapore Travel Guide

Little India is a city part based within the centre of Singapore, it’s filled with indan restaurants and people, there are food markets witch have a lot of different food for a good price, are you looking for buying groceries or other personal items this place might be the best. It also have some tourist attractions that you should take a look at.

2. Marina Bay

Location – Central Singapore
Price – free
Time – 2-3 hours
Recommended period – All year

Going to the marina bay while visiting Singapore is a must, it’s probably one of the most famous places, and have some good quality to it, watching the laser show the evening to looking over the bay, and it’s skylines make it a good place to relax and enjoy a good lunche.

3. Garden by the bay

Location – Central Singapore
Price – free Time – 1-3 hours
Recommended time – all year

This place have a lot to offer, from lovely rivers to high beautiful trees, going for an evening walk here and enjoying the quiet atmosphere and beautiful views, make this a place that you must visit ,at the evening they offer an evening show witch starts at 7.00am and take about 30min, it’s a light and music show within the trees.

10 more things to do
  1. Take a walk in China town
  2. Relax in Merlin park
  3. Go for a wild night sarfari
  4. Hike along the Southern Ridges
  5. Spend an afternoon at Botanic Gardens
  6. Wander down a MacRitchie Reservoir trail
  7. Visit the Singapore Zoo and River Safari
  8. Sungei Buloh Wetlands
  9. Cycle through Punggol Waterway Park
  10. Enjoy a day at Pulau Ubin
What to eat

Naan Bread – Indian fried bread


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