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Have you ever stayed at a Capsule Hostel?

capsule hostel

We did and we loved our stay at Taiwan Youth Hotel and Capsule Hostel.

Our first experience staying at a Capsule Hostel in Taipei was definitely a positive one. We stayed at Taiwan Youth Hostel in Taipei for 5 weeks, after moving places for the past 7 months, it was the perfect place to rest. We never stayed in a capsule hostel before and we were surprised how much privacy we had, as there were actually 30 beds in one room. It didn’t feel like that at all. Of course we don’t know if you have that luxury in every capsule hostel, but we definitely recommend this one. The atmosphere is very familiar the stuff members are all very friendly and just the design of the common areas, such as kitchen, bathrooms, launch and lobby, make you feel like staying at a friend’s place. The difference is that there are many activities. We really enjoyed the live music and also tried Kung-fu and playing instruments in our free time. 

Sleeping areas

Dormitory Zone B

The hostel has 4 different sleeping areas: ZONE A to D. Zone A and B are female only areas, with 20 to 30 capsules. Zone C is a mixed dormitory with 30 capsules, that’s where we stayed. And the 9 private rooms are in Zone D, each private room, includes 2 double beds, with a TV in each capsule. 

The capsules in general are very spacious, you can fit your luggage inside or just lock it outside of your capsule. The black curtains allow you  to have the privacy you need and sets the capsule hostel from regular hostels. It keeps the eyes of your roomies away, but not the noises. You still have to be respectful and keep your voice down inside the dormitries, which isn’t a problem, as you can easily move to the launch or kitchen. 




Single Capsule (mixed/female)

NT$ 660

Double Capsule (mixed/female)

NT$ 950 / NT$ 1000

Private Room

NT$ 1400


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Common areas


As I said in the start the common areas don’t look like typical hostel areas, and remind you more of a cozy home, with all their little details. The mixed up not matching furniture in the Lobby are very comfy and look like the common area in a student apartment. The tiles in the bathrooms are super stylish and not what you expect at all. Very bright and spotless. A big compliment to the awesome cleaning lady who does a great job every day to keep this place super clean. And then we have the well equipped kitchen. There are not many hostel kitchens, I’ve been to, which provide oven or even blender. 


Taiwan Youth Hostel is located close to the main station and therefore very good connected by public transport. There are many convenient stores, restaurants, food stalls around and supermarkets within a kilometer walking distance.  Also the old town and monuments are easy to get on foot or by MRT.  We used UBike very often. It’s only NT$ 10 per 30 min. There are bike stations everywhere in the city and you can use the easy card which saves you also a couple of dollars with every MRT-ride or bus. 

Our experience and recommendations

How you can imagine this hostel isn’t the typical backpacker hostel, the price is way too high for what we usually would have paid for accommodation. But as we planned on staying longer in Taipei we needed our own space and couldn’t couchsurf. So we found a perfect exchange at this hostel as our passion is food and cooking we gave cooking classes at this hostel and could pay our rent easily. If you are on a holiday in Taiwan this hostel is a nice place and the price is suitable, as a backpacker ask at the reception if they could need your skills in exchange for accommodation (only for a minimum one week stay).

At this point we can just thank Taiwan Youth Hostel and it’s team for the cooperation and making our stay in Taipei to an awesome experience we can just recommend everybody to stay here!

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  1. Wow, they have capsules in Taipei? I been to a couple here in Japan. But I wonder how do Taipei hostels fare compared to Japanese ones?

  2. I’ve seen a lot of these online and i’ve always been curious about them. I hope I can get the chance to experience one!

  3. wow! This is really cool! I think I will enjoy staying in the capsule. It’s cozy and amazing! I will surely stay in this hotel when i visit Taiwan.

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