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Who are we?

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I travel around the world and work with my passion as a chef. This is my dream. My goal is completing my journey both spiritual and physical


I go through the streets and try to find my way in this world. I try to find people who share my thoughts and who perceive the world just like me. Everything I do, I do with my heart. I have never been afraid of a challenge, always seeking new ways to learn and grow.


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Why did we start our own blog?

We often get questions like… how can you travel all the time? How can you afford travelling so long? How can I follow you? What’s your Instagram? How can you live a life that other people call vacation?

All theses recurring questions from people we met along our way were part of our decision starting a blog about our journey and destinations. This blog is written to answer all questions.

As we can’t recommend a blog which can do answer all of it! We’ve been reading many blogs about travelling in general and the countries that we’d like to visit. It’s exciting to read about your next destination, increasing the anticipation, trying to figure out what we can expect. Unfortunately many blogs are either not up to date or they telling me about typical tourist attractions, but you can’t find anything about the downside nor the secret spots or how to get maybe an unforgettable experience. Let’s be honest no one likes to visit “special places” with hundreds of people, because they are just not that special anymore.

If you are interested in our personal journey and how exactly we travel, in terms of transport, accommodation, attractions, budget, work and learn abroad, you can read everything about it in our personal blog OUR JOURNEY.

If you want to do some research about the different countries, you can read a summary in our general travel guide DESTINATION (it will show you more options and will help to get a picture, without only sticking to the sunny side).

Our goal in life is to live a life we don’t need vacation from and that’s what we do. Living a satisfying life, learning and growing every single day, being grateful for what we have and we promise it’s not the money on our bank account. We don’t have much but everything to be fulfilled with happiness. We have us and adventures together and we keep making new memories. 

Our story

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